Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose in Sustainable Thinking

An article about recycling. Article is published at the ProNatMat main publication Promoting Natural Materials. See article here. Photos related to article see here.

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Recycled building materials in Finland

Curatio Turunmaa renovation association and a spare part supply in Parainen, Finland.
Curatio Turunmaa renocation association

Wanhan vallankumous, shop of old building materials in Turku, Finland.
Wanhan vallankumous

Rakennusapteekki, shop of traditional building materials in Bilnäs, Finland.

Porvoon Wanha Rautakauppa, a shop of old hardware materials in Porvoo, Finland.
Porvoon Wanha Rautakauppa

The renovation centre Toivo and house of Korsman, renovation centre and a shop in Pori, Finland.
Rakennuskulttuuritalo Toivo

Metsäkylän navetta, a supply of old building materials in Pekola, Finland.
Metsäkylän navetta

Puufoorumi, co-operation network of woodworking entrepreneurs in Finland.

Recycling old buildingmaterials in SRIK Tallinn


The Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation (Tallinn SRIK, Säästva Renoveerimise Infokeskus) has created a project for reusage of old material. The project aims to provide information about old and used materials, details on recycling and how to enrich our environment.

The creation of the web site is part of a project that together with the Tallinn Cultural Heritage Department is aimed at helping people and enterprises who wish to use authentic and proven technologies and materials when renovating old houses. Today, reusable materials are increasingly connected with sustainable thinking and economy, which is why this project is also an educational tool with which we hope to interest more people. Instead of simply throwing away things that have served us, we try to extend their lives by a generation or two.

More information at or Tallinn SRIK pages.

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