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In this section you will find publications and related materials produced by ProNatMat. On the left menu you will find other publications and articles.


ProNatMat main publication is the book of natural material know-how. 






Kotimaalarin käsikirja. Book of natural and home made paints.

Publication is available in electronic form at Turku University of Applied Sciences' publication website Loki. The book can be downloaded HERE


Project's main publication was presented at the Final Seminar in Tallinn Sebtember 14.

Publication is available in electronic form at Turku University of Applied Sciences' publication website Loki. You can download the publication HERE.


Looduslikud materjalid väikelaste käelises tegevuses. A book about natural material use in toddlers play.

The authors encourage with their practical work and consciously support the study of early childhood
development through the use of natural materials. We get some practical advice on how to keep the urbanized children's contact with the environment and the natural environment thereby developing children mentally, physically, ethically and aesthetically. The book is a very timely topic, and practical output of the utmost importance. The theoretical part gives a reasonable answer to why handicrafts are very important for the child's manual activity development and why it is important to just use wild resources.
Eda Heinla, PhD, assistant professor in the University of creative teaching.
You can download the book HERE


University of Turku, Brahea Centre for Training and Development:
"Natural materials" within Universities in the Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007 - 2012 area


University of Tartu Viljandi Cultural Academy:


Viljandi Cultural Academy Tools Workshop 2011-2012.

Paper by Madis Rennu, UT Viljandi Cultural Academy project manager.

Lake Võrtsjärv boat: building and maintenance.

Paper by Ivo Leiaru, UT Viljandi Cultural Academy heritage technologies master student.

Forgotten diversity: birch bark as a material for handicrafts.

Paper by Andres Rattasepp, UT Viljandi Cultural Academy heritage technologies master student.

UT Viljandi Cultural Academy student researches about Estonian traditional building, blacksmith tools and some craft techniques (all papers in estonian, conclusion in english available HERE):

Contemporary tools and ovens in a ceramist's small workshop. Student research of Anu Arm, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Shoemaker's tools. Student research of Ando Aru, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Home-made traditional construction tools. Student research of Mart Eensaar, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Leather tanning tools. Student research of Mairold Kiho. Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Jewellery forging tools. Student research of Margit Keeman, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Tools used for breaking and agglomerating rubble stones. Student research of Janno Kuldkepp, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Anvils. Student research of Teet Laur, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Blacksmith's bellows and furnaces. Student research of Tõnis Luik, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Blacksmith pincers. Student research of Kaur Matiisen, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Machines for suitable mixing loam mortar. Student research of Laur Oberschneider, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Bog iron. Student rsearch of Siim Otsa, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Shingle sawyer machines. Student research of Viljar Pihus, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Traditional sharpening tools. Student research of Heikki Saabas, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Stove setter (potter) tools. Student research of Janno Sild, Viljandi Culture Academy.

Reed harvester. Student research of Kristjan Täht, Viljandi Culture Academy.

Home-made clay bricks. Student research of Oliver Tätte, Viljandi Culture Academy.



UT Viljandi Cultural Academy student researches about Estonian traditional textile and leatherwork tools (all papers in Estonian, conclusion in English is HERE):

Red cotton yarn. Student research of Pille Pilvar, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Needle case. Student research of Kadri Viin, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Cards. Student research of Anu Vihur, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Flat Shuttles. Student research of Eve Varik, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Leather hand sewing tools and materials. Student research of Alliki Oidekivi, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Tablets. Student research of Annika Vaalma, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Beater and Band Reed. Student research of Sandra Urvak, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Drop spindle. Student research of Sigrid Talviste, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Rawhide's cleaning tools. Student research of Kadri Soone, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Arhaic horizontal loom. Student research of Enelin Pedak, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Swift. Student research of Liina Laansalu, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Warp weighted loom. Student research of Kärt Aedviir, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Shuttles. Student research of Liina Laaneoja, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Leather tanning tools. Student research of Maarja Jõevee, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Loom. Student research of Eike Jodsche, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Reed. Student research of Jane Jõgi, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Estonian spinning wheel. Student research of Signe Rätsepso, Viljandi Cultural Academy.

Beads. Student research of Maren Suurna, Viljandi Cultural Academy.



Turku University of Applied Sciences thesis:
Riikka Kivimäki: Birch bark - Information package of charasteristics of birch bark and utilization possibilities (in Finnish)


Åbo Akademi: Review of surface characterization of natural materials.