SPECIAL INTRODUCTION May 2012: Portsa association

Two members of the government of Portsa registered association visited at the Supilinn days in Tarto this year with a wiev to get to know this wooden house area and to discuss cooperation possibilities. Visit was executed as a part of ProNatMat-project.

At May people from Supilinn came to return visit to Portsa and there was at the programme follow-up conversation about wooden house communities cooperation forms with the members of the governmet of Portsa association.

But what is Portsa registered association. It is an association founded by people who live in Port Arhur a.k.a Portsa neighbourhood which only purpose was to save Portsa wooden house area wich was under threat of demolition. Instead of these houses wich retain one-storied and small apartments it was wanted bigger apartments in high block houses. It was year 1972. The first mission to recently founded association was to collect names to petition against demolition. That was the starting point of Portsa association which gained its goal. Protecting town plan was accepted to Portsa area. This was succeeded thanks to several cooperation partners and now Portsa has developed respected and wanted residential area.

Over the years this residents’ association that started as single-issue group has grown active neighbourhood society. Look closely at Portsa website: www.portsa.fi

Portsa association has arranged Portsa Streetmarket over 20 years.