ProNatMat - Promoting Natural Material Know-how

The ProNatMat project promotes natural material know-how in Finland and Estonia by using their already existing strong traditional backgrounds. The natural material know-how is part of a cultural heritage which should be maintained and passed on to coming generations before it disappears with the old masters. The aim of the project is to increase the use of natural materials in fields such as ecological building, handicraft, design, art and cultural heritage. The project will increase awareness among all population groups and carry out training aimed at both experts and the general public.

There exists a need to develop new methods in order to make innovations and create modern techniques so that local natural materials are able to partly replace materials imported from outside of Europe. This, however, requires experimental research. It is necessary to increase the use of local natural materials, as  they are ecological and renewable, but also aesthetically pleasing.

In order to achieve the project goals, events will be arranged to promote natural material know-how and new ideas and solutions for the market will be investigated. A website with a database including short educational films about natural materials and models for networking will also be developed.

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