Wool exhibition in LUMO-centre

Wool exhibition in LUMO-centre during WoolSchool in January 2011.

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Vähävino exhibition in LUMO-centre

Vähävino exhibition about ecological and recycled products in LUMO-centre in 2010.

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Day and night books by Petra Giacomelli

Day and night books exhibition by Petra Giacomelli in LUMO-centre August 20-October 30, 2011. PDF



ProNatMat exhibitionin Turku University of Applied Sciences

Exhibition about the project ProNatMat at entrance hall in Turku University of Applied Sciences April 26-June 8, 2010. PDF

tuas nayttely

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Wool Magic exhibition

Wool magic -exhibition by Hannele Köngäs, Merja Markkula and Papu Pirtola in LUMO-centre March 5-April 8, 2010. PDF

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