Article about building a shingle roof

Newspaper article about making a shingle roof in Turku, Finland (in Finnish).

Using the old windows and doors

Tarmo Elvisto talks about how to pay attention to old-fashioned window and door attachments at the show "Kodumaja" in Kanal2. (video in Estonian)

Hemp sealing and clay plastering

Tarmo Elvisto from Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation talks about usage and interior material finishing suitable for old house. 

In the video you can see how to insulate weary timber gaps and how good qualities Estonian clay plaster has. Anyone can do insulation with hemp and clay plastering can be learned after few experiments. (video in Estonian)

Stucco Lustro lime plastering at television show "Sõide maale"

ETV programme "Sõide maale" December 4, 2011  shows amongst other things stucco lustro lime plaster technique workshop at Tallinn SRIK.