A two-mast schooner will be coursing between Haapsalu and Vormsi


Workshop of the Vikan club of wooden ships. Photo by Hindrek Sokk.

A two-mast schooner will be coursing between Haapsalu and Vormsi

The Vikan club of wooden ships is planning to build a traditional schooner and to open a Vormsi-Haapsalu line with it.

The first blueprints for the ship were ordered in the beginning of last year, taking example of the two-mast fork schooners that were built in this region in the beginning of the 20th century.

The construction and maintenance costs of the ship are rather high and while schooners were cargo ships in the past, the only option available today is passenger trips. Thus the business plan written down last summer (as a petition to Enterprise Estonia) states that the ship shall be constructed in Haapsalu and shall have the task of transporting people from Haapsalu to Vormsi and back. The ship is planned to make one trip per day in summer – carrying about 50 people per trip; the passengers could familiarise themselves with the island of Vormsi, have a meal there and also spend a night if they wish.

The Vikan club of wooden ships was established in the summer of 2003 by a band of people interested in travelling and history, in order to study and introduce the rich marine culture heritage of Estonia. Together they have built a punt of Vormsi, a yawl of Ruhnu and a yachta.

Source: Maaleht.