Calender nights for users of an old house

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The project organised at the autumn 2010 and 2011 lecture nights about old houses.

Calendar nights 2010

4.11.2010  Old parks in Turku
11.11.2010  Old plant species - part of our cultural heritage
25.11.2010  Traditional ornamental plants in gardens
2.12.2010  Indoor air problems in buildings
9.12.2010  Underfloor fungus and other decomposers in buildings

Summary of all the lectures (in Finnish)

Calendar nights 2011

7.11.2011  Wood - qualities and peculiarities
14.11.2011  Clay in houses - what, why and when?
21.11.2011  Our paint tradition (pdf in Finnish)

Restoration links in Finland

Friends of Building Association, lots of articles about restoration and good link list of related websites.
Rakennusperinteen ystävät ry

Wanhan Restaurointi, restoration workshop and old-style paint shop in Turku, Finland.
Wanhan Restaurointi

Porvoon Wanha Rautakauppa, a shop of old hardware materials in Porvoo, Finland.
Porvoon Wanha Rautakauppa

The renovation centre Toivo and house of Korsman, renovation centre and a shop in Pori, Finland.
Rakennuskulttuuritalo Toivo

Metsäkylän navetta, a supply of old building materials in Pekola, Finland.
Metsäkylän navetta

Restoration experts in Estonia