Fishermen's day in Võõpsu


On 23 July 2011, Fishermen's Day and a fish fair were held in Võõpsu, by Peipus lake in South-Estonia.

The event included several competitions and workshops on the subject of fish. Exhibitions were shown about the history of the local fishing collective and about illegal fishing. A festive atmosphere was provided by several entertainment groups - for example, Siepakat Junior ja Siepakat/Fossiilit from Finland and Münchner Hochschultanzkreis from Germany.

Report by Madis Rennu,

Viljandi CA

Icicle festival at Jõgeva

Jõgeva, the famous Cold Pole of Estonia, invites everyone to a joyous icicle festival on 5 February 2011.

Villages and festivals

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Village Festival at Koroinen, August 11, 2012. See photos here.

Village Festival at Koroinen, August 20, 2011.

Village Festival at Koroinen august 18, 2010. See video here.

Rehepapp day at Mesipuu farm in Põlva County




Rehepapp day at Mesipuu farm in Põlva County

On 6 august 2011, yet another family event took place where visitors could acquaint themselves with different types of traditional farm work - creamery activities, cutting of roof spalts and roofing, work in the beehives, smoking meat in the smoke sauna, smithery, etc.

There was also a small market where local butchers, brewers and bakers sold their products - not to mention the village hop!