SPECIAL INTRODUCTION November 2011: Ecomess at "Telliskivi Loomelinnak", Tallinn, 8-11 IX 2011.

Ecomess was the public festival, taken place 8.-11.September, 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia. The name came with the place, where the festival was happening. We choosed the creative centre „Telliskivi Loomelinnak“, Kalamaja Tallinn.


Telliskivi is a new area for creative activity on the edge of Old Town that through constantly evolving concept creates an environment for enterprise, educational and cultural institutions, art and entertainment events. Telliskivi's guidepost is cooperation between
its tenants and building a multifunctional creative center.


The Kalinin Factory was an electromechanical industrial complex that was famous throughout the Soviet Union. Rumour had it that it produced complicated inventions that even found their way onto the Sputnik, the Soviet Union’s famous space satellite. It is very probable that everything
dealing with resistors, logic elements, and the first computer parts came from the Kalinin Factory.
However, today the operating factory has become a traditional industrial wasteland in the centre of Tallinn.


So, we thought it was the best place to revolt against the over-consumption. The meaning was to raise the glory back to the old building and natural building tips. To provide inspiration for the
construction of environmentally responsible, recycling, crafts and everyday life. There were workshops and forums, workshops and training sessions, movie nights, presentations and
exhibitions, craft and flea market, antiquemarket and ecobuilding projects taking place.


Also we foung good partners in the residents of Telliskivi creative centre. They made some workshops, opened their offices and studios for the guests. Also the we got a lot of help from local coffee „F-hoone“, who patiently served meal and pastry for all guests, visitors and exponents of this festival.

Ave Timberg,

SRIK Tallinn