Links to natural paints in Finland

Annisaani, traditional paints in Helsinki, Finland.

Kymin Palokärki, traditional surface treatment materials and painting materials special store in Porvoo, Finland.
Kymin Palokärki

Sateenkaari Perinnetaito, developes traditional Finnish wood preservation and painting knowledge in Viiala, Finland.
Sateenkaari Perinnetaito

Louhen Väri, traditional oil paints for restorarion and other purposes, Finland.
Louhen Väri

Uulatuote Oy, traditional natural paints, Finland.

Paints from natural materials

1. Casein paint – a durable paint, its main ingredient is ordinary curd. It is used indoors, in dry rooms, and is applied directly to stone, plaster, wallpaper or wood. Casein paint forms a matte surface; it can be cleaned with a moist cloth and can be easily repaired. 1 litre of paint covers 10-20 m2 of surface, depending on the surface material.

2. Oil and egg tempera – consists of egg yolk, linseed oil, water and pigment. It is used indoors, on wooden and plaster surfaces. Relatively durable and low-wearing.

3. Glue paint, a.k.a. chalk paint – consists of a mixture of chalk and glue-water solution. Traditionally used ingredient types are leather glue, bone glue, plant glue, cellulose glue or casein glue and rye flour paste. This paint can be toned with various pigments. Glue paint can be used for covering plaster, gypsum, stone, cardboard and paper. It is not suitable for wood. The paint has a soft light reflection, and adheres and covers the surfaces well; it can be wiped, but not washed, thus it's more suitable for ceilings in dry rooms.

4. Earth paint a.k.a. Swedish paint – most often reddish in tone (so-called Swedish red), but it can also be prepared in brownish, greenish, yellowish or whitish tone. The manufacture of traditional red paint intended for wooden buildings started in Sweden as early as in the end of the 16th century. Earth paint is very cheap when compared to other paint types, it allows a wooden building to breath well and protects the wood from mould and rot. It covers surfaces very well (usually a single layer is enough); 1 litre of paint covers 2-5 m2 of surface. Earth paint is stable (it doesn't bleach out with weather) and has a very long life – after 10-15 years the paint layer can be refreshed, but a total repaint is not necessary until ca 40 years.

5. Lime paint – consists of slack lime, water and inorganic pigment. It is used for painting over lime plaster. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors and also in humid rooms; it is applied directly to plaster.

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